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The Kybalion: Centenary Edition

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Experience the most popular and enigmatic occult work of the twentieth century with “The Kybalion”. This hardbound edition, complete with a new introduction by esteemed scholar of mysticism Richard Smoley, takes readers on a mysterious exploration of Hermetic wisdom that has intrigued and fascinated generations of readers.

Originally attributed to “Three Initiates”, the origins and knowledge contained within this legendary work have been debated and studied for years. This commemorative volume restores the original hardcover appearance of the first edition, making it a historical keepsake for all readers.

With its second century upon us, “The Kybalion” continues to be a landmark work in the world of the occult. Richard Smoley’s introduction adds a new layer of insight and understanding to this timeless text. Dive into the pages of “The Kybalion” and discover the secrets of Hermetic wisdom for yourself.


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