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The Egyptian Book of the Dead

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Experience the magnificence of The Egyptian Book of the Dead in full color and with an English translation in this 20th-anniversary edition. This book is a compilation of declarations and spells that were believed to help the deceased in the afterlife, written and illustrated over 3,300 years ago on the Papyrus of Ani. It is the most complete and well-preserved example of ancient Egyptian religious and philosophical thought in existence.

This third revised edition features significant improvements to the display of the Papyrus’ images, a survey of the continued relevance of ancient Egypt in modern culture, and a comprehensive history of Egyptian translation and philology since the discovery of the Rosetta Stone in 1799. Additionally, an annotated bibliography and study guide for ancient Egyptian studies is included.

This edition of The Egyptian Book of the Dead showcases the entire corpus of the critical work in its most lavish and accessible presentation yet. Whether you are interested in world history or ancient religions, this book makes an excellent gift that will surely captivate and awe anyone who receives it.


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